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DragonAnalei Haiku Commissions
Royal fires burn
Doubt and fear into ashes
In her forge of will
Sweet and gentle soul
Friends with everyone she meets,
Making harmony
Growing her own style
Just one seedling at a time
No one brings her down
Moon shining brightly
Illuminates her soft soul
To glean silent love
She blows the bad-guys away
And then cracks a joke
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 2 3
Zakura, Queen of Demons
     The full moon was shining brightly over the land.  A cool breeze was gently blowing.  With it, came the painful embers of the fire.  A village was in ruin, burning to the ground as its inhabitants tried in vain to run away.  No one could escape the prison of flames built around them.  The people screamed as the burning wood cackled.  In the center of it all, there was a single person, simply standing.  She didn't run, she didn't cry.  She laughed.
"I'm afraid there's nothing else we can do for him right now, all we can do now is wait and see what happens."
"You can't even wake him up?"
"You know that's too risky right now Beth."

     Amidst the chaos of terror, the woman seemed to be part of an entirely different reality.  Her long red dress and purple hair flowed in the heated air.  Oxygen was becoming scarce but she still didn't move.  A man crawled towards her, badly burnt, a
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 2 7
A-pear-antly, This is My Life Now by TheLoneOmega A-pear-antly, This is My Life Now :icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 4 2
The Beast with a Hundred Eyes
     My soul is stricken with fear as red soaks into my shirt.  Sticky fluids I should never feel on my skin run down my stomach.  That beast that wounded me so stares at me with those eyes.  Those eyes.  So lifeless yet so terrifying.  Red and cold they fill my being with regret.  I should have been more careful eating a pomegranate.  Now the stain will never get out of my shirt.
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 4 8
Not-So Lovely Day
Lovely day to stroll.  Oops, landmine.
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 3 6
     Edward got out of bed with a heavy sigh.  "Another day another dollar," he told himself for the umpteenth time.  He went to his closet and grabbed his clothes and his coat.  As he dressed he could hear a loud screech from the floor above him.  "Wish that damn thing would just go to the doctor already.  Annoys the hell out of me."  Once he finishes his morning routine, he takes a look out his window before heading off.  Soft morning light shines on his pale skin as he looks upon rows and rows of skyscrapers.  Little cars dashed between them as their passengers found their way to work and school.
     Locking the door behind him with briefcase in hand, he begins to walk down the long metal hallway to the elevator at the end.  Before he gets far however, several of the ceiling lights go out and the rest begin to flicker.  An eerie feeling goes up Edward's spine as his instincts tell him something's wrong.
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 4 22
Random OC Meme of Randomness
Choose six of your oc's
1. Shokunin
2. Aper
3. Tromaktiki
4. Shinka
5. Dao
6. Anmoku
1.) 2, 4 and 6 are watching T.V. together.  What are they watching?  Do they fight for the remote?
In another dimension during a strange cease-fire: Aper, Shinka, and Anmoku are together in a small apartment when Anmoku fiddles with a small plastic device and accidentally turns on a TV.  A cartoon plays gathering the attention of all three present.  Shinka and Anmoku are confused about what it could possibly be when Aper chimes in and shares her experience.  Shinka decides he has better things to do with his time and goes about his business.  Anmoku passively watches the screen without comment while Aper babbles on about the culture of dimensions like this.  None of them can actually understand what the characters in the show are saying.
2.) 1, 3 and 5 are all locked in a closet together!  How did they get in there?  What do they do to pass the time until th
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 0 2
The Place to Start
    Tromaktiki paced his spartan, metal room.  He didn't even know where to begin.  Where do you start with something like this?  He had been pondering his problem for hours, wasting his rare free time.  Tired, he stretched his wings.  Longer than his arm-length, he had to be careful not to knock anything over in the cramped space.  He folded them back up, covering the back of his pale, dark blue uniform.
     "Well, I'll have to do it sooner or later.  Might as well start, plan or no plan," He said to himself.  Trom picked up a pad laying on his room's "desk".  It was more of a waist-high shelf than anything else.  As he was about to begin, a tone rang through the space.  Trom sighed, "Right when I was about to start.  Come in."  Reaching over to a pad on the side of the door, it slid open to reveal an unfortunately familiar face.
     "Hey there Trom," Aper said.  She was wea
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 1 8
Christmas Spirit
    The snow reigned upon the city, enveloping it in white.  A chill wind blew through crowded streets and around massive buildings.  Everyone was scattering about.  Unseen to anyone else, a weakened spirit dashed about in the wind.
    It was on this day each year that the spirit awoke to travel the land, searching for what it needed most.  The first building it entered was massive and made of concrete.  Inside were thousands of people.  Most of them were visiting the many stores within.  The spirit was curious as to what was happening this year.
    Entering one of the most crowded stores, it was sickened by what it saw.  Masses of people gathering around shelves of discounted items.  All buying recklessly and even fighting each other over certain items.  The entire scene could best be compared to a huge flock of vultures fighting over a single carcass.  Most of these "gift-givers" were here because
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 5 12
Fiery Rage
    Every ounce of my body heats up.  It's like my blood has been replaced by pure magma.  It burns my body and the smoke comes out with my heavy breath.  My muscles clench and my teeth grind, destroying themselves.  My anger pools up in my gut, ready.  Ready to power my assault as I pound something to the ground.  All this power wasted though as I hold it in.  The fire burns itself out leaving my emotion as embers and charcoal.
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 2 1
Surprise Visit
    Alium walked cautiously through the small and narrow walkways.  Everything and everyone was about half his size and he wanted to make sure he didn't step on anyone.  Being a giant in a tiny world wasn't a new concept to him though.  He had grown up here on the Quaestum home-world after all.
    "Now then, where are you?"  The Sentinel was draped in a dark green robe with light blue embroidery that swayed around his waist.  This caught him a few glances but he didn't notice because he was focusing on trying to find the right apartments.
    After several minutes and a right turn he found himself standing right before his destination.  The five-story building was not so glorious but no doubt served its purpose.  All of the doors faced outward which was fortunate for Alium because he didn't think he'd be able to fit inside any Quaestum hallways.  Also fortunate was the fact that the room he was going for was on the
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 1 7
What Lies in the Temple
    The quiet night was disturbed as a figure moved briskly through the meadow.  The steel of his armor gleamed in the moonlight as he made his way to the temple.  Azmigul paid a small fortune to find out where this place was and he only hoped that he would be able to get by with a profit.  A weaker adventurer had told him that within the temple lay riches beyond imagination.  Azmigul believed that it was more likely that the man merely had a poor imagination.  Either way, the mere mention of such treasure was worth taking a look.
    When Azmigul asked the man why he didn't take the treasure for himself he wasn't too surprised by the answer.  "Simple."  He had said.  "Do you really think I was the first one to find that place?  I figured there was a reason there was so much in one place.  Something is dangerous in there and I'm not risking my neck.  Easier to tell someone else where it is.  Though surely t
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 3 9
OC 20 Random Questions Meme - Angel!
1.) Answer from the perspective of your character
3.) Post your result in the description plz and credit if you use this
4.) In some questions your character will be asked to react to a song. LISTEN TO THE FULL SONG BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR CHARACTER'S REACTION.
5.) This actually requires two OCs, but one of them will only be answering one question
OC Selected: Angel
1.) When was the first time you ever swore or said something profane?
I was pretty young actually.  I don't quite remember how long ago it was, but I had overheard this bad word at school and I wanted to know what it meant.  When the kid I overheard said it, he made sure none of the staff could hear him.  I didn't want to get in any trouble so I waited to until I got home and asked my parents.  Didn't end well...
2.) Have you ever had unrequited feelings for someone?/Have you e
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 3 12
My Back
Nothing seemed to be amiss
Early in the morning.
But it appears I was remiss
As it hit me without warning.
My back, it ached me to no end
And against myself I can't defend
So I am doomed to live a week
Moving oh so slow and meek.
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 2 8
For the Innocent (Part 3-Thanks)
    The lift whirred as Anmoku and Nagusami were carried to the carrier's debriefing room.  Both were silent at first, having already gone though the same situation many times.  There wouldn't be much time for the two to speak in private, so Nagusami took the first step.
    Nagusami sighed, "Every time this happens, it gets harder to explain in a way the men will understand.  Did you really have to fire your pistol past the executioner's head?  If you weren't so mute then maybe instead you could've simply shouted 'No!'"
    He studied Anmoku's face with his peripheral vision, trying to detect any change in his expression.  It never did change, but he looked every time.  He instead took a deep breath.
    I see, so he did regret resorting to that method at least.  He probably didn't have enough time for anything else Nagusame thought to himself.  "It's regular procedure for the military to quell any
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 0 3
Standing Tall
A great tragedy,
Meant to bring us to our knees,
But we still stand tall.
:icontheloneomega:TheLoneOmega 1 3


I'm doing commissions now!  Here's some details of what I will and won't do!

Will Do:
  • Pretty much any genre but I may be better at some than others
  • Poetry and haikus
  • Character Trailers (To kind of hype up what the character's all about)
  • Dark stories/sad endings
  • Multiple stories in a series (may cost extra)
  • Single Stories
  • Fan-Fiction (Only if I know the franchise, I want to do the characters justice)

Won't do:
  • NSFW
  • Intense gore
  • Racism or other discrimination
  • Real-life people or events (There may be exceptions)
I have the right to refuse any commission

Stories: 1 point for 10 words
Haikus: 3 Points each (You can order multiple at once)
Poems: [To be priced later.  Case-to-case until then]
For more expensive commissions, you will have to pay some of the price before I begin.  If either party cancels, you will be refunded that portion.

If you advertise this with a journal and send me a note with a link to it, your first commission will be 1/2 off!
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